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What You Need to Know About Treating Eye Injuries

Your ability to see the world around you is thanks to an incredibly complex process involving coordination between your eyes and brain. Your eyes are sensitive organs that need to be properly cared for to ensure your vision remains strong throughout your life. As we observe Eye Injury Prevention Month this October, here’s a guide to common eye injuries and ways to prevent them from EyeSite of the Villages, a top local glaucoma doctor.

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Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

Digital devices such as cellphones, computers and tablets that we use every day emit blue light, which may have adverse effects on your overall health. In this post, your local eye doctor, EyeSite of The Villages, discusses what blue light glasses are and how they can help.

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4 Signs Your Child May Be Struggling to See

Have you ever noticed that your child often copies your actions? Mimicking the things they see is one of the primary ways they learn at an early age, and this is why taking care of their eyes is so important. One of the best ways to maintain your child’s visual health is to identify and manage vision irregularities as soon as possible.

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What You Should Know About AMD

The macula is a small, sensitive spot in the center of the retina. Made up of millions of light-sensitive cells, the macula is responsible for providing your central vision.  

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The Best Frames to Suit Your Facial Features

Having vision problems may require you to wear corrective eyewear. Eyeglasses remain the standard choice because of the many benefits they offer. With the right pair, not only can you enjoy better vision, but you can also revamp your whole look.

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Our Recommended Management for Common Eye Problems

At the EyeSite of The Villages, we combine our skills, knowledge, and experience to provide you with high-quality eye care services. We also make sure to stay updated on the most recent studies about managing eye diseases. In today’s post, our trusted optometrist in The Villages, Florida, discuss three common eye problems and our recommended management.

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