Some vision problems are asymptomatic in their early stages, making them difficult to detect. Without immediate management, however, such conditions can eventually cause irreversible damage to your eyes. If any of the signs below applies to you, visit your trusted eye doctor from EyeSite of The Villages as soon as possible.

You or Any Family Member Has Pre-Existing Eye Condition

Heredity plays a large role in determining your risk of developing certain eye conditions. This is why establishing your family history is one of the first steps we’ll take during an eye exam. If you have already been diagnosed with a vision problem, it’s especially important that you see your optometrist regularly.

You Often Experience Headaches or Eye Fatigue

Visual acuity changes may happen over time, rendering your current lens prescription ineffective. As a result, your eyes have to work harder, leading to headaches or eye strain. If these symptoms persist, visit your optometrist so we can check if you need to have your eyeglasses or contact lenses upgraded.

You Experience Sudden Changes in Your Eyesight

If you suddenly experience visual changes, this may indicate you have underlying eye problems. Tunnel vision or gradual loss of your peripheral vision, for example, may be signs of glaucoma. Without prompt treatment, glaucoma can cause irreversible vision loss. Before that happens, seek help from your eye care specialist.

You Haven’t Had Your Eyes Professionally Checked for the Past Two Years

The American Optometric Association generally recommends that adults undergo an eye exam every two years. Doing so helps us monitor your visual health, making it easier to identify any irregularities.

If any of these signs sounds familiar, or if you have other eye care concerns, get in touch with us at (352) 504-4560 and schedule an eye exam. We serve Fruitland Park, FL, and nearby areas.