Your eyes perform the complex process of letting you see. How does this happen? Millions of cells work together to complete the image translation cycle. Read on as EyeSite of The Villages, your provider of quality eyeglasses and other eye care services, shares some amazing facts you may not know about your eyes.

Smoking Is a Major Risk Factor for Most Eye Conditions

It’s widely known that smoking causes lung and heart problems. However, did you know it increases your risk of developing eye problems too? Cigarettes contain toxins that can cause premature damage to your eye tissues, making you more likely to develop macular degeneration and cataracts.

Roughly 90% of All Eye Injuries Are Preventable

Studies have shown that proper safety eyewear could have prevented almost 90% of all reported cases of eye injuries. If you’re unsure which type of protective eyewear you should use, your eye doctor can help. Eyewear made of polycarbonate is an excellent choice because it is highly impact-resistant and durable.

Blue-Eyed People Are Probably Distantly Related

Everyone originally had brown eyes. It was only around six thousand years ago that a genetic mutation in a certain Danish family changed the course of history when a blue-eyed child was born to the family. A University of Copenhagen study found that having blue eyes only involves a small degree of melanin variation, leading to the conclusion that those with blue eyes are linked to the same ancestor.

Eye Exams Are the Best Tools for Preserving Your Vision

Having an eye exam regularly can help detect underlying vision problems. The sooner we identify a vision problem, the more effectively we can manage it. A visual acuity test can help us determine if you need corrective eyewear to improve your vision.

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