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If you find yourself wondering, “Is there an eye doctor near me?” The answer is YES!

EyeSite proudly serves the community for all your eye care needs.

By car or Golf Cart, visit us at our newest location in the Grand Traverse “Publix” Plaza just west of the Paddock Square at Brownwood® on State Road 44 and Powell Road.

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Experience the Difference With Maui Jim® Sunglasses

Summer brings harsher ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can increase your risk of developing eye sunburns or UV-induced vision changes. The best way to protect yourself from UV-related eye problems is to wear high-quality sunglasses. EyeSite of The Villages, your go-to eyeglasses store, proudly offers Maui Jim® shades. Here’s what sets them apart from other sunglass brands:

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Q and A: Understanding Ocular Hypertension

An important element of keeping your intraocular pressure (IOP) stable is your eye fluid production. If your eye fluid production develops any abnormalities, you may experience a sudden rise in your IOP, a condition referred to as ocular hypertension. Here, your provider of premier eyeglasses, EyeSite of the Villages, answers common questions about this problem.

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Our Exquisite Eyeglass Selection

At EyeSite of The Villages, we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of eye care services. This is why we continually update our knowledge and technology regarding vision correction services, including our eyeglasses selection. Here, your go-to eyeglasses store discusses the features and benefits of the different options we offer:

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All You Need to Know About Our iWellness Exam

Some sight-threatening conditions are asymptomatic in their early stages, which is why the eye care experts at EyeSite of the Villages developed the iWellness exam. Unlike standard eye exams in The Villages, FL, this innovative assessment method uses state-of-the-art technology to check for any ocular changes or irregularities that might otherwise be missed. Read on to learn how the iWellness exam works.

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Understanding the Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Having clear eyesight does not always mean your eyes are healthy, as some of the most common eye conditions are asymptomatic in their early stages. That’s why at EyeSite of The Villages, we strongly recommend having routine eye exams to safeguard your vision. In today’s post, our expert optometrist in The Villages, Florida, discusses the advantages of having regular eye exams.

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6 Easy Tips to Keep Your Eyeglasses Looking Great

Most refractive errors may require wearing corrective eyewear as part of your treatment plan. Many prefer using eyeglasses for the clear vision, comfort, and convenience they offer. With proper care and maintenance, a good pair can last you several years. That said, not everyone may know how to properly clean and maintain them.

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10 Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eye is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst eye care patients of all ages. Your eye doctor in The Villages, FL shares the most common symptoms and recommended treatment options for dry eye.

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5 Types of Glaucoma

When you hear about glaucoma, you may not realize that there are so many different types of the disease. Most types of glaucoma are accompanied with an increased pressure in the inner eye. This is often referred to as intraocular pressure. Even though that’s what people typically think of when talking about this disease, there are several varieties of the condition.

  1. Angle-Closure: One of the main types of the disease, angle-closure glaucoma results when the angle between the cornea and iris starts to close. The symptoms and damage associated with this type are usually noticeable and requires immediate medical attention. Blocked drainage canals produce a quick rise in intraocular pressure.
  2. Open-Angle: The most common type of this condition, open-angle glaucoma has very few symptoms in its early stages. However, there could still be damage done to the eye. The drainage canals slowly become blocked, which makes this a lifelong condition.
  3. Congenital: This form of the disease is found in babies who have incomplete development of the drainage canals. This rare condition could be hereditary.
  4. Traumatic: After an eye injury takes place, the drainage canals may immediately or eventually become blocked. This could create an increased intraocular pressure, which you should address as quickly as possible with your optometrist.
  5. Normal-Tension: Another rarer form of the disease, normal-tension glaucoma is not associated with high pressure in the eye. Even so, the optic nerves are damaged.

If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, your eye doctor in The Villages, FL, can give you more information about recommended treatment. The treatment regimen you pursue may vary based on your exact case of the condition. Having regular eye exams may make it easier for your doctor to both diagnose and treat this and other eye issues. To schedule your next eye exam, call (352) 674-3937 or submit an online contact form while you are here on the website.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Contact Lenses

If you think it may be time to try contacts for vision correction, you probably have some questions for your optometrist in The Villages, FL. Dr. Collins provides these commonly asked questions and answers to help you get information that about how to properly use contacts.

Question: How Should Contacts Be Stored?

Answer: Depending on the type of contact lenses you use, they will have a certain duration. For example, some lenses can be worn for a month straight, while others have to be taken out at night. As you store your contacts, you need to focus on hygiene because this product goes directly in your eye. Wash your hands before you put them in or take them out. Replace the saline solution each time you take them out. Be sure to throw your contacts out when you should. Most contacts have to get stored in a contact case soaked in saline solution overnight.

Q: Is It Possible for a Contact to Get Lost Behind the Eye?

A: Many people are afraid of losing their contacts behind their eye, but this actually cannot happen. There is a thin mucous membrane, called the conjunctiva, that connects the eyeball to the eyelid. This means there is no way for the contact to get behind your eye. If you ever have a hard time finding it, it could get stuck under your eyelid. Should you have a concern about losing a contact in your eye, be sure to see Dr. Collins, the trusted optometrist in The Villages, FL.

Q: How Old Does Someone Have to Be to Wear Contacts?

A: There is not a universal age when children can start wearing contacts. You need to consider your child’s maturity level and whether he or she will be able to properly take care of the contacts. Making this decision can be challenging, but your eye doctor is here to help. Talking with your child and the optometrist is a great way to make sure everyone is ready for changes to eyewear.

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