If you think it may be time to try contacts for vision correction, you probably have some questions for your optometrist in The Villages, FL. Dr. Collins provides these commonly asked questions and answers to help you get information that about how to properly use contacts.

Question: How Should Contacts Be Stored?

Answer: Depending on the type of contact lenses you use, they will have a certain duration. For example, some lenses can be worn for a month straight, while others have to be taken out at night. As you store your contacts, you need to focus on hygiene because this product goes directly in your eye. Wash your hands before you put them in or take them out. Replace the saline solution each time you take them out. Be sure to throw your contacts out when you should. Most contacts have to get stored in a contact case soaked in saline solution overnight.

Q: Is It Possible for a Contact to Get Lost Behind the Eye?

A: Many people are afraid of losing their contacts behind their eye, but this actually cannot happen. There is a thin mucous membrane, called the conjunctiva, that connects the eyeball to the eyelid. This means there is no way for the contact to get behind your eye. If you ever have a hard time finding it, it could get stuck under your eyelid. Should you have a concern about losing a contact in your eye, be sure to see Dr. Collins, the trusted optometrist in The Villages, FL.

Q: How Old Does Someone Have to Be to Wear Contacts?

A: There is not a universal age when children can start wearing contacts. You need to consider your child’s maturity level and whether he or she will be able to properly take care of the contacts. Making this decision can be challenging, but your eye doctor is here to help. Talking with your child and the optometrist is a great way to make sure everyone is ready for changes to eyewear.