Summer brings harsher ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can increase your risk of developing eye sunburns or UV-induced vision changes. The best way to protect yourself from UV-related eye problems is to wear high-quality sunglasses. EyeSite of The Villages, your go-to eyeglasses store, proudly offers Maui Jim® shades. Here’s what sets them apart from other sunglass brands:

Lens Technology

Maui Jim lenses incorporate PolarizedPlus2® technology to give you exceptional optics and eye protection. Our polarizing film is directly fused into the lenses, providing almost 100% blockage of horizontal glare. They also have premier UV-blocking layers, filtering up to 400 nanometers of UVA and UVB rays. With 100% UV coverage, they can effectively shield your eyes from the harmful effects of UV exposure.

Optical Features

Your expert eye doctor offers four types of Maui Jim lenses: SuperThin, MauriPure®, Maui Evolution®, and MauiBrilliant. All of them provide superior anti-scratch resistance properties for lasting eye protection. SuperThin glass is 20% lighter and thinner than the standard lenses, providing excellent optics and solvent protection. The MauiPure® glass offers unmatched sharpness and shatter tolerance, making it our most popular lens material. The Maui Evolution® features the exceptional durability and lightweight properties of polycarbonate at a much higher image clarity. Lastly, the MauiBrilliant option is our most advanced lens material. Even with its lightweight qualities, it can provide premium shatter resistance and visual crispness.

Maui Jim lenses also make use of a patented combination of three rare, earthly elements, which can enhance red, blue, and green light frequencies. They help balance color saturation and contrast, eliminating unnecessary light wave interference in the process so you can better enjoy vivid colors across your visual field.

This coming summer, keep your eyes protected by wearing Maui Jim sunglasses. We also suggest having regular eye exams so we can detect any signs of UV-induced changes and provide prompt treatment. Call us today at (352) 674-3937 to learn more about our selection.