Dry eye is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst eye care patients of all ages. Your eye doctor in The Villages, FL shares the most common symptoms and recommended treatment options for dry eye.

What is Dry Eye?

You may be wondering what is dry eye or what can cause it to occur. Dry eye syndrome happens when your eyes cannot produce tears properly. Dry eye can also occur when tears are not the correct consistency or evaporate too quickly. It is important to receive annual eye exams to check for dry eye because it is a condition that typically gets worse over time (without treatment).

Dry Eye Symptoms

Some of the common signs that you are experiencing dry eye include:

  1. Stinging
  2. Itchiness
  3. Photophobia/Sensitivity to Light
  4. Blurry Vision
  5. Burning Sensation
  6. Watery Eyes
  7. Difficulty with Driving at Night
  8. Heavy Eyes
  9. Foreign Body Sensation (feeling like something is in your eye)
  10. Red Eyes

Dry Eye Treatments

Your local eye doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam in The Villages, FL to determine if you are in fact experiencing dry eye syndrome. The eye exam will also indicate the level of dry eye, which will allow your doctor to select the best treatment option. Typically, we recommend artificial tears and sometimes behavioral modifications based on your lifestyle. In extreme cases, we may also prescribe a medication or conduct additional in-house procedures.

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