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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Eye Surgery: 5 Vision Correction Procedures

Eye surgery is a viable option for those patients who are looking for a vision correction procedure. Even in this one category, there are numerous surgeries available. If you think this type of eye surgery is something you need, you should talk with your eye doctor in Wildwood, FL, to learn more. Some of the options available include:

  1. Photorefractive Keratectomy: PRK is a laser vision correction procedure that was FDA approved in 1995. It removes tissue from the surface of the eye in order to change how the cornea curves and is very similar to LASIK.
  2. All-Laser LASIK: This type of LASIK in Wildwood uses two different lasers. One creates the flap in the surface of the eye and the other reshapes the eye to correct vision problems. Other types of LASIK include LASEK, wavefront LASIK and epi-LASIK.
  3. Refractive Lens Exchange: Similar to cataract surgery, this non-laser procedure puts and an artificial lens in the place of the natural eye lens. Because this is an internal eye surgery, there are potential complications.
  4. Implantable Lenses: This type of lens does not replace your eye’s natural lens. Instead a lens similar to a contact is implanted into your eye. This procedure is typically used to correct nearsightedness and was FDA approved in 2004. Your Wildwood optometrist may be able to give you more information.
  5. Conductive Keratoplasty: Initially FDA approved in 2002, CK is a non-invasive procedure that applies spots around the eye with low heat radio waves. This procedure is commonly used to correct farsightedness and presbyopia.

The type of vision correction procedure you need will depend on the problems you are trying to correct. Not everyone is a good candidate for each type of surgery, so you need to be sure to work closely with your eye doctor in Wildwood, FL. He will be able to help you pick the surgery that fits your needs.

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The Importance of Early Childhood Eye Doctor Visits

As a parent, you are likely trying to make the right choices for your children. Do you take your child to regular visits with your eye doctor in The Villages, FL? Eye exams play an important role in childhood development.

Check Development

For older children and adults, an eye doctor visit checks for changing vision and eye disease. In a young child, however, the exam is used to check that your child’s eyes are developing as they should be. An infant’s vision changes quickly as he becomes more adept at visual acuity, focusing on close-up objects and seeing in contrast. Because of this constant change, you want to be sure your child’s eyes are developing correctly early on in the process.

For example, a common issue is amblyopia, which is typically referred to as lazy eye. This condition results in a weak eye that tends to list inward or outward. If you take your child to a The Villages eye exam when he is young, you may be able to catch the issue early on. When caught early, the treatments include eye patches, contact lenses or glasses. If not caught early, the treatment may have to be surgery.

Detect Vision Issues

The earlier you are able to detect vision issues in your child’s eyes the better. Your optometrist in The Villages may be able to notice early signs of farsightedness, astigmatism or nearsightedness, which if left untreated could affect your child’s ability to learn. Eye sight is an important part of life, so it makes sense that early eye doctor visits are also important.

Work With Your Doctor

To better understand how often you should be taking your child to the eye doctor in The Villages, FL, you need to work with your optometrist. He may be able to help you set up a schedule based on typical suggestions and your child’s unique needs. Understanding the importance of early childhood eye doctor visits may help you make smart choices about your child’s vision needs.

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