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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Trends in Eye Glasses to Look for in 2016

Eye Glasses Trends

Do you look forward to seeing the latest fashion trends each year? Do you update your wardrobe to reflect the hot, new looks when the season changes? Frame designers update their styles each year also. From cat-eye glasses to large (and we mean LARGE) lenses to thick, black, box-like frames, glasses have come in many shapes and sizes throughout the years. If you are considering a new pair of frames or an additional pair to bring some excitement to your wardrobe, take a look at the following trends making their way through frames this year. Good looking glasses are within reach!

  1. Patterns like tortoiseshell have always been classic, but this year’s trends give them an updated look, either with new colors like gray, purple, or camouflage green, or with a bit of an edge, like a distressed pattern or a mod pattern.
  2. Bright, shiny color. Imagine an ombre coloring sweeping up around your frames, with white at the bottom turning into bright red at the top. Colors are in, and while black is always a classic choice, it is sitting on the sidelines this year for its more flamboyant siblings to take the spotlight. Try on a pair of purple or blue glasses and see how they play with the color of your eyes!
  3. Rounded lenses. Rectangular, boxy lenses are on their way out, and more rounded lenses are in. Some have a retro sweep up at the outer edges, and some are simply round, but they bring a refreshing shape back into the frame game.
  4. Larger lenses. While eyeglass lenses have not yet reached the size that they were back in ‘80’s and ‘90’s, they are certainly larger than they were after the turn of the millennium! And if you really want to put some oversized frames on your face, turn to sunglasses, as they are constantly in competition with one another for largest lenses!
  5. Peek-a-boo color. Maybe bright colors and fancy patterns aren’t your thing, but you don’t want to settle for a simple frame, either. This trend may be for you! Some glasses have a small ribbon of color through the frame – around the lenses or just on the temples. It’s not always visible, but from the right angle it provides just enough color to catch someone else’s eye before it disappears. And these come in many combinations of colors and metals, as well.


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How to Take Good Care of Your Eye Glasses

Breaking glasses can be frustrating and expensive. While EyeSite of the Villages tries to take the worry out of eye glasses ownership, breaking your glasses is never a fun experience. Here are some tips to help you prevent your glasses from breaking:

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